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ARBOR SENIUM honors the resistance of these two varieties and the strength of the trees roots for enduring the scourges of the strong wind, typical of the area. This difficult environment molds the nature of the olives granting us a wide variety of characteristic and high-quality flavor. 

SENIUM pays tribute to the land that embraces our centennial and millennial olive trees. La Sénia is located in the south of the Tarragona province, in the North-East region of Spain,neighboring our beloved Mediterranean Sea. The SENIA river crafts the territory and shapes the landscape, molding it into our identity. Riverbeds, mountain landscapes and historical memories are what ARBOR SENIUM represents. Next to the ancient roman “Via Augusta” roadis where the territories of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia converge in the channel of its river. Like the combination of landscapes that surround the Sénia, ARBOR SENIUM blends the main varieties of olive trees in the area, such as farga and morrutFarga olive trees are vigorous, with a large tree top and their fruit is difficult to collect, therefore, no new plantations of this variety have been made in over 100 years. Morrut, on the other hand, with a late staggered maturing, are easily detached from the tree, something well appreciated by farmers. 

PROUD to have the consultancy of one of the best agri-food professionals in Spain, IRTA(one of the most reliable research institutes in agri-food owned by the government). Thanks to their collaboration, ARBOR SENIUM rewards us with this enthusiastic coupage. Its body, its texture and its flavor tell a story of two ancient varieties in sync: FARGA & MORRUT.

The net that wraps the ARBOR SENIUM packaging is an allegory to the gridded tarps that are used during the olive harvest. Together with the rest of the packaging materials, all of which are recyclable, we IMPROVE the ecological value of our packaging.

WE BELIEVE in a society where each member can add value. We produce the packaging with the collaboration of LA BOLSETA, which works with groups at risk of social marginalization, mainly women from prisons and social services (Fundación Ared) and disabled staff (Fundación Portolà).

Our main goal was to reduce harvest timing and milling below 6h, as well as to ensure strict traceability. In that sense, ARBOR SENIUM goes beyond all expectations. Ranked way above market standards and requirements demanded by the MAPA (Spanish legislation) and European regulations. ARBOR SENIUM is a well-balanced oil on the palate. There are distinctive levels of sweetness, pungency, and bitterness, which embraces a green fruity character of medium-high intensity. It also has touches of floral accents and ripe fruits.


Our private estate "Els Carlets" is situated at the heart of the Senia territory. Along with ancient olive trees (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)), its terraces are gracefully separated by dry stone walls (declared World Heritage Site and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.), and guarded by a shepherd hut of the same typology of ancestral construction.


You can find different routes that will allow you to enjoy the fabulous environment, landscape, identity, and tradition.

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